Our Mission

organizations that remove ocean plastic
Join us in helping preserve the world's oceans by reducing plastic use. Zayla donates 5% of our profits to organizations dedicated to ocean preservation and trash removal. 
Each Zayla towel comes with a reusable stainless steel straw. Swapping your plastic disposable straws for a reusable one is a small but impactful step in reducing ocean plastics! Americans use 500 million plastic straws per day. Most of that ends up in the ocean!

Organizations We Support

organizations that help remove ocean plastic
the ocean conservancy supporter

The Ocean Conservancy has picked up over 200 million pounds of trash since 1985. Their mission is to protect the ocean from today's greatest challenges by creating science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife that depend on it.

One of the Ocean Conservancy's core projects is fighting for trash-free seas. They organize International Coastal Cleanups, educate the public on the dangers of plastic in the ocean and they work with individuals and businesses to create plastic-free solutions.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, volunteers at their ocean clean-ups have picked up more than half a million plastic straws and coffee stirrers. This poses a major threat to fish and sea turtles who could eat them! (So make sure to use those stainless steel straws!)